Virtual Event Viewing Party


Hosting an ASSE Webinar Viewing Party is a great opportunity to share safety knowledge with your co-workers, network with colleagues and discuss new ideas. Plus, for a small fee, you can even award CEUs to co-workers who may need them.

It's easy. Just sign up for a LIVE ASSE webinar and you're ready to go. After that, book a conference room, invite your guests, throw out some snacks - whatever you want to do! It's your party!

Do the folks in your group need CEUs?

Then, you're going to need to download and complete the form below.

There is ONE form for the two types of major live virtual events - individual 90 minute webinars or multi-session virtual symposia.

For groups watching a 90 minute webinar, there is a $20 per person charge.

For groups watching a multi-session virtual symposium, there is a fee of $75 per person who needs CEUs.


This is the form you download, complete, and return to allow people viewing webinars in a group to obtain CEUs.

  • Multiple Viewing of Virtual Events Policy Form
    Multiple Viewing of Virtual Events Policy Form