Update Your Problem Solving Toolkit

As a Safety Professional, learning to use problem-solving tools effectively can help you navigate root cause analysis, creatively handle project issues, and facilitate consensus in business meetings. In this Session, build your problem-solving toolkit by exploring ways to use these tools in your day to day work environment. Tools such as brainstorming, force-field analysis, flowcharting, systematic problem solving, SWOT, and others are discussed along with applied examples. These tools are helpful not only in simple situations but also in more advanced, complex problem settings.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the value that creative problem solving tools can offer to the safety professional
  • Describe and use several process analysis, idea creation, and project planning tools and understand the circumstances in which they are best used
  • Find additional sources of information to support their growth in this area of learning

Speaker: Dr. Carol Ann Wolfgang

Session Time: 30 minutes

Cost: Free to ASSE members

Note: This session does not award CEUs.


Update Your Problem Solving Skills
Recorded 03/10/2015
Recorded 03/10/2015 Click here to view this session.
Session Evaluation
2 Questions
2 Questions Session Evaluation