Improving Human Performance and Safety

There are two ways to improve performance: one is to enhance the performance itself (sing a better note, make a better weld). The second is to reduce unforced errors. There are four human factors that cause the majority of performance errors. If you're not moving they can cause quality problems or production problems. However, if you are moving, or things are moving around you, then these human factors can also cause eyes not on task, line-of-fire and balance, traction or grip errors, which dramatically increase the chance of injury. In this session, participants will learn which human factors cause the majority of performance errors, four critical error reduction techniques and the neuroscience behind them, as well as how to use these techniques to enhance performance thereby improving quality, production and safety, at the same time.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the four human factors that cause the majority of performance and injury causing errors.
  • Be introduced to Critical Error Reduction Techniques and the Neuroscience behind them.
  • Understand how these techniques will enhance all performance beyond safety, including quality and production.


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Larry Wilson

CEO, Author

Larry began his career as a behavior-based safety consultant when he was 28. This did not help his credibility, but being so young did help in terms of getting people to tell the truth about their injuries and whether they were paying attention or not.

Getting people comfortable enough to talk about what really happened and to say whether rushing frustration, fatigue and complacency were involved was the key in developing what Larry is probably best known for: being the author and creator of SafeStart, an advanced safety awareness training program currently being used by over 4 million employees in 65 countries. Larry is also the author of SafeTrack, a traditional observation and feedback process.

To complement the adult training programs, Larry has also written and produced video training programs for children, teenagers and the family. He is currently working on three new episodes of the Boo Boo Bandits where he introduces Mr. Complacency, Miss Fast, Mr. Tired and Miss Angry.


Along with co-author Gary Higbee, Larry wrote the book, “Inside Out—Rethinking Traditional Safety Management Paradigms”. Larry was also the editor for, “3rd Generation Safety—Using Neuroscience to Enable Personal Safety”, by Cristian Sylvestre. In addition, Larry is the author of 25 articles published in safety magazines in Canada, the USA, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Australia.


However, even after 30 years, Larry is still pushing the edge. His latest training program takes the concepts and critical error reduction techniques and extends them into the realm of production and quality. If successful, it is his prediction that this will dramatically improve voluntary support for safety throughout industry, at a rapid pace.

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3 Questions Session Evaluation
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Improving Human Performance and Safety
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