Question: As a safety professional, I have certain areas of responsibility. How do I find training that better meets my needs?

Answer: Great question! There are a couple of ways to do that. First, under your profile, you can go to your preferences and select things you are interested in. You can also search through the course catalog based on your interest areas as well.

Question: I am an ASSE student member. Are there any discounts available to me?

Answer: Yes! All ASSE student members can take part in all live webinars free of charge. Multi-session virtual symposia or other e-learning packages do not apply.

Question: I just purchased an online event. How do I get a receipt?

Answer: When you purchase an online event, an e-mail will automatically be sent to you which includes your receipt. You can also go into your DASHBOARD, go to the class you just signed up for, and click on, RESEND RECEIPT.

Question: I took a course back in 2012 and it's not showing up on my transcript. Why not?

Answer: As of right this second, only courses you take within Learn@ASSE will appear in your transcript. However, the staff at ASSE are working to change that! Soon, you should also be able to find courses you completed in the days before Learn@ASSE!

Question: I tried ordering a webinar. I entered in all of my information and hit "Complete Registration". However, when I do that, the screen sort of hangs there and nothing happens. After a couple seconds I went off the screen and never received any confirmation that I was registered. What's the deal?

Answer: On some networks, the spinning gears of the Inter-Webs may prolong that registration process. After you click on the COMPLETE REGISTRATION button, just hold tight on the page until you see a confirmation message. Upon successful registration, the course will also appear in your DASHBOARD.

Question: I'm looking to take part in a live workshop or seminar? Can I find information on those types of events here too?

Answer: Not yet, but soon! In the meantime, use the links under ASSE Professional Development Resources to search for live seminars and other traditional, "face-to-face" education.

Question: I took a webinar and I wasn't satisfied. Can I get a refund?

Answer: Yes, you can. You may request a full refund up to 60 days after you first registered for the event. Please note that any CEUs you may have earned for the event that you took will be deleted. After the 60 day limit, ASSE can only issue credit to a future virtual event.

Question: I've purchased a course that includes video. But when I click on the video, the only thing that happens is I get a little spinning doo-hickey that never stops. Help!

Answer: It looks like there may be an issue with the videos being blocked on your end for some reason. You can try a couple of things. First, if you're viewing this at work, please check with your IT staff. Oftentimes, IT departments will "throttle" videos so that they play slowly or won't play at all. Usually, when they see that the video is being used for professional development, they can ease up on the security settings and let the video play.

Secondly, if you have the ability to login and view the videos on a different browser (like Chrome, Safari or Firefox) give that a try. We tend to see a lot of people who have problems when using Internet Explorer.

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